Combination of Appending Customer Fields and Adding Existing Table Fields

In addition to the separate application of the two enhancement types described above, you can also add customer fields and include existing fields in the BAPI for a single SAP table.

The same components described above are involved, and the same rules and guidelines apply. In addition, make sure to observe the following in the structure of the BAPI table extensions:

  • First take all the existing fields from the corresponding database table that you want to include in the BAPI and add them to the APPEND structure that contains the data part of the BAPI table extension.
  • Then add the INCLUDE that contains the new customer fields to the same APPEND structure.
    Please note that you have to use the same INCLUDE in both the database table and in the corresponding BAPI table extension.

The following diagram illustrates how the BAPI table extension has to be defined both to use the existing fields URL and LANGU in the BAPI and to extend the table with the three customer fields PLANETYPE, COMPANY, and SEATSMAX.