Calling BAPIs

Depending on the number of receivers maintained in the distribution model, the remote BAPI is called one or more times:

loop at receivers.

call function 'BAPI_TESTFH01_GETDETAIL'

destination receivers-rfc_dest


key1 = 'SAP'

key2 = '007'


return = returnvalue

testdata = testdata


communication_failure = 1 message_text

system_failure = 2 message_text.

If sy-subrc ne 0.






Exceptions caused by connection errors to the partner system have to be trapped by the application program. The ALE service does not provide any error handling.


The synchronous RFC automatically triggers a database COMMIT, which means that database changes that were made before the RFC can no longer be rolled back.

For more information on the individual steps, please refer to the ALE Programming Guide under Determining Receivers for Synchronous BAPIs.