Defining Hierarchies Between BAPI Parameters


When hierarchical dependencies exist between the table parameters of a BAPI, these hierarchies must be explicitly defined to allow parameter filtering.

A BAPI for material master data contains, for example, the tables for plant data and the corresponding warehouse data. The table for plant data refers to the table for warehouse data through key field WERKS. A hierarchical dependency exists between the plant data and the warehouse data: if plant 001 is not replicated for a material as a result of the parameter filtering, then the warehouse data for plant 001 should not be replicated either.

The hierarchical dependencies are defined using field references between the parameters of the BAPI tables. These references must be defined before you create the BAPI-ALE interface, as this information is generated with the interface.


You can define hierarchical dependencies in ALE development using BAPI ® Data Filtering ® Maintain Hierarchy of Table Parameters (transaction BDBP).

To do this, enter the object type and method of the BAPI. You can use input help to display the existing BOR object types and corresponding methods and make your selection.

The Hierarchy menu contains the following processing activities for creating the hierarchy:

  • Create
  • Change
  • Display
  • Delete

For more information on creating parameter hierarchies, see the ALE Programming Guide under Defining Hierarchies between BAPI Parameters.