G/L Account

Technical name: 0GL_ACCOUNT


The G/L account characteristic enables you to define queries that display the balance of your individual G/L accounts, for example. For this to be possible, you must define the G/L account characteristic as a row characteristic.

You can use a hierarchy for the G/L account characteristic, which allows you to define a structured list of account balances; that is, the G/L account balances are displayed in a predefined structure. This could be a financial statement version or any group of G/L accounts.

The hierarchy you wish to use must be defined in Customizing in your source system. To do this, choose Financial Accounting ® General Ledger Accounting ® Business Transactions ® Closing ® Documenting ® Define Financial Statement Versions. You can either choose an existing structure (such as your financial statement version) or define a structure specifically for the Business Information Warehouse.

Ensure that the structure you wish to use only contains each G/L account once. It is not possible to display the balances of G/L accounts in different financial statement items in the Business Information Warehouse.

If a G/L account appears twice in a structure, the transaction figures of that account will be displayed at two points in a structured list of balances, and will be included twice in the subtotals. The G/L account is shown in duplicate up until the higher-level node at which all branches meet that contain this account. This can lead to discrepancies between the higher-level total and the sum of the subtotals.

You must then load the structure you wish to use into your Business Information Warehouse as a hierarchy. For more information, see Loading Hierarchies.

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Indicator: G/L account is balance sheet account


Indicator: G/L account is P&L account


As of SAP BW Content Release 3.20 the procedure for loading data (master data and texts) was converted to InfoSources with flexible update (see also Flexible Update for Central Master Data Objects).

The following InfoSources have been created for flexible updating with InfoObjekt 0GL_ACCOUNT:

-          0GL_ACCOUNT_ATTR G/L Account: Attributes (flexible updating)

-          0GL_ACCOUNT_TEXT G/L Account: Texts (flexible updating)