Long-Term Incentive Plan Start Date

Technical name: 0CAWARD_BEG


Compensation Management: This characteristic enables you to display key figures based on the start date of a long-term incentive plan.

This is the earliest date from which an award in a particular long-term incentive plan can be valid and granted to employees.

A long-term incentive plan is valid from 01.01.2000 to 31.12.2004.

The awards in this plan can have the following validity:

Award 2000: from 01.01.2000

Award 2001: from 01.01.2001

Award 2002: from 01.01.2002

Award 2003: from 01.01.2003

Award 2004: from 01.01.2004

Technical Data

Available as of Release

BW Release 20B, OLTP Release 4.6C

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