Customizing for Caching

In order to use caching, you need to take the following basic Customizing steps:

·        Define caches

Ў        Host name and locations (transaction SCMSHO)

Ў        Define the cache (transaction SCMSCA)

·        Define locations for the following:

Ў        Users (clients), using

§         Set/get parameter LCA

§         Host name (transaction SCMSHO)

§         Subnet (transaction SCMSIP)

SAP recommends that you use sub-nets when defining locations for users.

Ў        Content server, using

§         Host name (transaction SCMSHO)

SAP recommends that you use use host names when defining locations for Content Server.

§         Subnet (transaction SCMSIP)

Information on these activities is provided in the Implementation Guide (IMG) under SAP Web Application Server  ®  Basis Services  ® Knowledge Provider  ® Distribution.