Creating New Content Repositories


On the tab page Create, you can create new content repositories.


You are in change mode in Content Server Administration.


When creating a new content repository, you can use an already existing one as a model.

When carrying out a standard installation of SAP Content Server, you can transfer the values from the Table control.


  1. Enter a name for the new content repository.
    If you are using an existing repository as a model, choose and the system automatically fills in the subsequent fields.
  2. Enter a short description.
  3. Set whether or not digital signatures should be checked.
  4. Change the entries for content storage host, and so on, as required.
  5. Save your entries.
  6. You now have two options:
    1. If the creation process is successful, the detailed view (tab page Detail) opens automatically. The content repository should have the status Running.
    2. If the creation process is unsuccessful, check the settings and correct them if required (tab page Settings). Then try to create the repository again.
  7. Make your content repository known to the SAP system. To do this, go to the Customizing by choosing .
    For further information on Customizing, see
    Content Repositories.