Saving Lists Locally

The results of the trace recording are written to a trace file and you can display them in the form of a list. You can also save all the  trace records of a list in local files on your front end. This allows you to keep performance data for a longer period of time.


To save a list locally:


       1.      Start the Initial screen of the performance trace.

       2.      Choose the pushbutton Display Trace.
The display filter appears.

       3.      In the display filter, specify the value range for the trace record display.

       4.      Choose Display Trace List.
Depending on your selection in 3, you will see the trace list, the extended trace list, or the time-sorted trace list.

       5.      Choose the menu path Trace-List ®Save as Local File or the appropriate pushbutton. The dialog box Save List in File appears.

       6.      Choose the format for saving the list in the local file and confirm by pressing Continue.

       7.      In the following dialog box, enter the local path name.

       8.      Choose Transfer.


The trace records have now been saved locally in a file on your front end. You can display this file in the selected format.

Alternatively, you can download the file into the buffer if you choose unconverted in item 6 above.