Check System Message


At the end of each transaction, the last system message sent is displayed in an extra screen. You can check this screen to see whether a particular system message was sent by the transaction.


  1. Go to the test case editor.
  2. Go to change mode. toggles between display and change modes.
  3. goes to check maintenance.
  4. Go to the last transaction screen (Transaction message (SAPMSCEM 0001)).
  5. Define a message check. You can check the message number or the combination of message class (Message ID) and message number.
    Put the cursor on the Number field and choose Check value. Enter the expected message number in the following dialog box.
    To check the message class, position the cursor on the Message ID field and choose Check value. Enter the message class in the following dialog box.
  6. You can define other allowed messages by performing step 5 using the Other allowed messages fields.


You have defined system message checks. If these system messages are sent, the test is a success, even if the transaction ended with an error (check error). If you have defined several allowed messages, the transaction must send one of them during the test for it to be a success.