Fast Entry


Use fast entry to create or change several variants at the same time.


You must create a first variant individually before you can use fast entry. You must enter values for all fields in the tested transactions which you want to use in your variants.


  1. Choose All variants.
    All existing variants are displayed in a table in a dialog box. The standard format of the table is:



    Input field 1

    Other input fields

    Variant ID

    Short description of the variant

    Value for input field 1

    a cell for each additional input field

  2. Edit the existing variants by entering new values in the input field columns.
  3. Add new variants as follows:
      • copy existing variant
      • insert new variant
  1. Load the variants locally on your PC () and edit them with a desktop application.
  2. Import the variants from an external text file ().
  3. Delete one or more variants by selecting them and choosing .
  4. End fast entry with .