Rerecord Transaction


Test cases run the transactions to be tested as they were recorded. If changes are made to the transactions which change the procedure, the test cases must be modified accordingly. The Rerecord transaction function does this.

You can still use existing test case variants after modification.

If you made an error while recording a transaction for a test case, you can use this function to correct it instead of deleting the test case.


  1. Go to the test case editor.
  2. Go to change mode. toggles between display and change modes.
  3. Double-click on a transaction node in the test case editor navigation area.
    The transaction code, the transaction text and the Active flag are displayed in the detail maintenance area. The Rerecord function key remains visible.
  4. Choose Rerecord.
  5. A transaction code dialog box appears.
    Confirm this dialog box if you want to rerecord the same transaction.
    To record another transaction, enter its transaction code or choose one from the
    F4 help .
  6. You go to the transaction. Run the transaction using the functions to be tested.
  7. At the end of the transaction, return to the test case editor.


After rerecording, the node selected in step 3 is flagged inactive. You can reactivate this node (see Deactivating transactions or screens).

Two more nodes are inserted before this node. The first node is the rerecording and the second is a comment which documents when the transaction was rerecorded.