Run Test Case


This function performs all the functions defined in a test case.


  1. Go to the CATT initial screen.
  2. Specify a test case. You can enter it directly or using F4 help or your favorites list.
  3. Choose .
    You go to the execution screen, in which you specify test case execution options.
  4. Choose one of the following execution modes:
    • foreground: All test case transaction screens run in dialog.
    • background: The transactions run without dialog.
    • display errors: The transaction screens run without dialog. If a screen sends an error message, the test stops and the screen is displayed. You can change entries to solve the error and restart the test with . If no more errors occur, the transactions run without dialog again.
  1. Choose one or more test case variants to run.
  2. Run the test case with .
  3. In foreground and display errors modes, go to the next transaction screen with . You can change screen entries.
  4. A log is issued after the test. See analyze log.
  5. returns to the execution screen.
  6. returns to the CATT initial screen.