Define Checks


This function defines field and system message contents checks.

You can check constant values (e.g. Name: Muller) or field values from screens of previous transactions (e.g. Field Name).


  1. Go to the test case editor.
  2. Go to change mode. toggles between display and change modes.
  3. goes to variant maintenance.
  4. Go to the transaction screen for which you want to define a check.
  5. Position the cursor on the field to be checked.
  6. You can check:
    • a value
    • against another field
  1. Save the changes.

Check a Value

  1. In step 6, choose Check value.
  2. A dialog box appears. Enter the value against which you want to check in the New check value field.
    If there was already a check for this field, it is in the Previous check value field.

Check Against Another Field

  1. In step 6, choose Check value.
    Specify the field against whose contents you want to check.
  2. Put the cursor on the field in a previous transaction which will contain the check value at runtime.
  3. Check value defines this field as check value source.
    The check is made against the runtime value of this field.

You can Cancel the dialog at any time.

Utilities ® Display chains shows all chains and checks in the test case.