Define Chain


Business processes are represented in the SAP environment as a chain of transactions. Transactions in a chain often use the results of previous transactions.

The result of a transaction is often in the form of a key (order number, customer number, material, …). Subsequent transactions need this key. The key is usually output in a system message.

When you create test cases, you must often read the result of a transaction and pass it to one or more subsequent transactions. The chain function does this.


This function passes the result of a transaction or transaction screen field contents to subsequent transactions. You cannot chain within a transaction. Results cannot be passed to previous transactions.


  1. Go to the test case editor.
  2. Go to change mode. toggles between display and change modes.
  3. goes to chain maintenance.
  4. Position the cursor on a field containing the transaction result which you want to pass to a subsequent transaction. Navigate to the screen in the test case editor.

    If the transaction result is in a system message, it is in the last screen of the transaction.

  5. Select field selects the output field where the cursor is.
  6. Put the cursor on the field in the subsequent transaction into which the result is to be copied.
  7. Select field defines this field as the target for the result of the previous transaction.

Utilities ® Display chains shows all chains and checks in the test case.