Editing Variants


In a test case, values are put in the input fields of the transactions to be tested. A complete set of these values is a variant. The variant provides test case data at runtime.

A standard variant with the name Test case is created automatically when a test case is created. It contains the values which you entered when you recorded the test case. You can edit this variant in a special editing mode which you access with . The procedure is the same as when creating individual variants.

When you create other variants, any input fields which you do not specify take the values in the standard variant. The standard variant should contain the values which are most commonly used.


  1. Go to the test case editor.
  2. Go to change mode. toggles between display and change modes.
  3. goes to variant maintenance.
  4. You can maintain variants in two ways:
  1. Save the changes.
  2. Cancel variant maintenance.