Create Test Case


You create test cases in CATT by recording all the entries and functions in a transaction. You can record more than one transaction.


To create the test case in the Test Organizer structure maintenance, start at step 3.

  1. Assign a name for the test case to be created. Customer names begin with Y, Z or your namespace prefix.
  2. Choose .
  3. Enter a transaction code in the following dialog box.
    If you do not know the transaction code, use the possible entries help. You can find the appropriate transaction by navigating through the menu tree display. Position the cursor on the menu and choose Copy.
  4. Choose Record.
    You go to the transaction.
  5. Run the transaction using the functions to be tested.
  6. End the transaction.
  7. You are asked in a dialog box whether you want to record another transaction or end the recording.
    • to record another transaction, continue at step 3.
    • otherwise choose End recording.
      You go to the
      test case editor where you can edit the test case.