This project step configures the process requirements specified in the Business Blueprint phase, in the system.

You assign objects, which help you and the project team to perform the configuration, e.g. BC Sets, IMG objects and test cases, to the process structure. The configuration is performed in the component systems, based on the process structure created in the Solution Manager, and the objects assigned to it.


You have created a process structure in the Business Blueprint phase.


This project task comprises the following steps:

·        Assign transactions/programs

You can call assigned transactions, add new ones or remove superfluous ones from the project scope, in the Transactions tab.

·        Assign/edit BC Sets

You can assign BC Sets to project steps, display the contents of the assigned BC Sets and delete superfluous BC Sets from the project scope, in the Configuration tab.

You can activate one BC Set, or all BC Sets assigned to a process.

You can create new BC Sets for project or company-specific settings, which you, for example, want to use in a group rollout or to create your own solution, in the application system, and assign them in the Solution Manager.

·        Assign/edit IMG

You can assign IMG objects to the project steps. You can display and edit these settings, and the settings made by BC Sets, in the Implementation Guide.

·        Edit test cases

You can make initial function tests after the configuration. You can also run CATTs to see how a transaction works. You can also create test cases.

·        You document the settings relevant for the configuration along the project structure, in the Project Documentation tab or in the IMG.

·        Create/change problem messages