The Roadmaps contain the standard SAP implementation methodology and cover the most important aspects and phases of a mySAP implementation.The Roadmaps provide links to accelerators and tools which perform project tasks.


View without project link

You can:

·        Navigate in the structure

·        Search for entries in the Roadmap structure

·        Display assigned documents and accelerators

·        Milestones identify the project phases

·        Service packs identify links to the SAP Service Marketplace with information about suitable SAP services

·        Filter the Roadmap structure by roles, topics or flavors

·        Print documents, or structures with their documents

·        Download the Roadmap as offline (HTML) version

Roadmaps without project link are display-only.

View with project link

If you use a Roadmap in your implementation project, you can use the following functions as well as the Roadmap Without Project Link functions:

·        Assign keywords for the Roadmap structure elements

·        Assign a status for the Roadmap structure elements

·        Assign project team members to structure elements

·        Filter the Roadmap structure by keywords and project team members assigned

·        Create project-specific notes for the Roadmap structure elements

·        Create project documentation

·        Create messages

·        Download the Roadmap into MS Project to create a project plan

You cannot change the structure of the Roadmap.