Trend Line (Leveling Curve)


If you want to analyze the trend in your data series you can adjust a trend line (leveling curve). The trend line can be extrapolated into the future or the past.

Scope of functions

The following belong to the scope of functions of the trend lines

  • Various function categories for the adjustment including:
    • linear
    • exponential
    • moving average

If you change the value of a data point the trend line belonging to the data series is automatically adjusted.

  • Displaying the adjustment formula in the chart
  • Extrapolating the trend line into the future (forwards) or into the past (backwards) by the desired number of periods
  • Automatic entry in the legend (with a user-defined text or an automatically generated text)
  • Formatting the trend line with respect to color and line type


To insert a trend line for a data series select the data series and call up the trend line function using the Chart wizard.

You can at any time change the formatting settings for the trend line including the function category. If you double-click on a trend line with the left mouse button you branch directly to the dialog box for formatting the trend line.