Formatting Axes


You can individually format each axis in a chart.


You specify which primary axes in the chart are displayed using the chart options in the Chart wizard.

A secondary axis is only displayed if you assign a data series to a secondary axis using the formatting function.

Scope of functions

The chart type determines which formatting functions are possible for the axes.

The formatting functions include the following:

  • Changing the pattern (colors, thickness of lines...)
  • Changing the font and the sequence of headings
  • Scaling the axes
  • Selecting the value ranges

For the value range you can specify values for an upper limit, a lower limit and an optimal value. In the chart itself you can change these values as you change values for a data point - by moving the lines.


You can call up the formatting functions for an axis

  • With the chart wizard
  • By double-clicking on the axis using the left mouse button