Create variants and run test procedures using a variant

Create a variant for the test case created in the last exercise which passes import parameter values to the test case.

After creating the variant, run the test procedure using this variant.

  1. Go to Easy Mode and enter the name of the test case that you created in the last exercise.
  2. Choose Parameter variants.

    You go to the variant maintenance transaction.

  3. Choose Create.
  4. Enter a short description of the variant.
  5. Go to the transaction screens with Maintenance in screens. Parameterized fields are ready for input. Enter valid variant values.
  6. Go back to the current variant overview screen with Back.
  7. Save the variant and choose Back.

    The variant now appears in the list.

  8. Choose Back.

    You return to the Easy Mode initial screen.

  9. Run the test case.
  10. You can specify in the Variants group in the initial screen whether you want to start the test procedure without any variants, with all variants, or with one particular variant. Choose All.
  11. Run the test procedure as usual.

The log lists two procedures. The first procedure used the default values, the second used the values from the variant. The variant name you specified in step 4 appears after the procedure name.

Check your work

You know now how to create a variant and how to run a test procedure using variants. You can use different variants to perform different tests with the test case. You can test how the test procedure reacts to different entries.