Run test case

1. Go to Easy Mode and enter the name of the test case that you created in the last exercise.

2. Choose Execute.

3. You go to the test case execution initial screen.

You can enter values for all import parameters that differ from the default values in the Import parameters group. If you enter no values here, the default values are used.

4. Select Foreground processing mode and Long log type.

5. Choose Execute.

6. The test case runs in the foreground. You can see the screen sequence with the field contents filled in by the test case. Press ENTER to go to the next screen.

7. A log appears after the test case has run. It is in the form of a tree structure for readability. To view the entire log, expand the nodes.

The log contains import parameters, system messages, etc.

For information on the other processing modes, see the CATT function description in individual execution.