Record test case for the transaction "Create vendor"

Record the Financial Accounting transaction FK01 "Create Vendor".

The example input values only apply to SAP standard customizing. If your customizing is different, you may need other or additional entries.

1. Go to the Easy Mode initial screen.

2. Enter a name for the test case. Customer names begin with Y or Z.

3. Choose Record.

If a test case with this name already exists, the system tells you so when you call the Record function. If this happens, enter a different name for the test case.

4. A dialog box appears. Enter the transaction FK01 and choose Record.

You go to the transaction "Create Vendor".

5. Enter a space in the Vendor field and Company code 0001 . The internal number assignment Account group is KRED . Confirm your entries with ENTER .

You go to the Create Vendor: Address maintenance screen

6. Enter the required field values in this screen. Use the F4 help to get valid values. Go to the next screen with ENTER .

7. Enter the sales tax ID (e.g. DE123456789 ) in the Create vendor: Control screen, and choose ENTER .

8. Press ENTER to skip the Create Vendor:Payments screen.

9. Enter the Reconciliation account (e.g. 160000 ) in the Create vendor: Accounting screen, and choose ENTER .

10. Enter the payment conditions on the Create vendor: Payments accounting maintenance screen and Save.

11. At the end of the transaction, a dialog box, in which you can enter another transaction for recording appears. Choose End Recording.

12. You are told that the test case has been created and saved, and go back to the Easy Mode initial screen.

Check your work

You have created a test case to test the transaction "Create vendor".