Create a test case for a function module


1. Go to the Easy mode initial screen and enter a name for the test case that you want to create. Customer names begin with Y or Z.

2. Choose Record.

3. Choose Function.

4. Enter a function module and choose Record.

5. Pass test values to the function module import, changing and table interfaces.

6. Run the function module.

7. Perform any function module dialogs.

8. You get the result at the end of the function module. You can now choose which comparisons are to be carried out for subsequent function module tests by selecting entries. The current result is your reference.

9. Go to the test case attribute screen with Back. Save the test case and go back to the Easy mode initial screen with Back.


You have now created a function module test case. If the test case contains dialog steps, you can now parameterize them. Proceed as for parameterizing test cases for transactions.