Parameterize test case

When recording test cases, the values which you enter in the transaction maintenance screens are recorded. These values are constants. If you want to make test cases more flexible, you can replace these constants by parameters. You can then specify values for these parameters at test case runtime.


Before you can parameterize a test case, you must have recorded it.


  1. Enter a name for the test case.
  2. Choose Define parameters.
    You go to the first transaction screen.
  3. To parameterize an input field, a checkbox or a radio button, put the cursor on this field.
  4. Choose Create import parameter.
    You have now defined a parameter. If there was a value in the input field before parameterizing, it becomes the default parameter value. The input field is no longer ready for input.
  5. To delete the parameterization, put the cursor on the parameterized field and choose Cancel parameterization.
    To delete the contents of an input field (import parameter and/or default), choose Delete field contents.
  6. Parameterize other fields.
  7. Navigate through the recorded screens with the First screen, Next screen, Previous screen and Last screen functions, and parameterize their input fields.
  8. When you have finished parameterization, leave the test case. The system prompts you to save the changes.


You have now parameterized the test case. When you run this test case, you can assign values to the parameters for the current test in the initial screen.