Changing Field Texts



Enhancements (SMOD/CMOD)

You can use transaction CMOD to create your own keywords for data elements from the ABAP Dictionary. Keywords are used to identify fields on screens. Data elements can have up to three keywords of varying lengths.

To change a screen’s field texts, choose Utilities ® Enhancements ® Project management (transaction CMOD) from the initial screen of the ABAP Development Workbench. Through the menu option Global Enhancements, you get to the enhancement functions for keywords and data element documentation.

Text enhancements do not have to be assigned to an enhancement project.


The keywords Textreplace and GlobalTextReplace allow you to simultaneously change the descriptions of all interface elements.

Field labels
Screen titles
Frame titles
Pushbutton texts and quick infos
Status bar
Menu texts
Column headings in tables

You can perform individual text changes using

Text [Screen-Element] "text" and

Text (position) "text"