Enhancing IMGs


You want to enhance an IMG structure without changing the original structure. As the enhancement is not made in the original system, the IMG structure remains unchanged in the original system even after an Upgrade.

A company has its own implementation guide which it wants to put in the SAP Reference IMG.

An Industry Business Sector (IBS) wants to enhance the implementation guide with its own application areas.

You can only enhance the structure which you are processing with the enhancement transaction. If you go into lower-level structures and change them, they are modified.

Implementation guide enhancement conditions:

·        If there are other nodes below the structure node which is to be enhanced, the enhancement node is the last in the sequence.

·        If the enhanced structure node is used several times in a hierarchy, the enhancement node is also displayed several times.

·        An IMG enhancement can contain any number of nodes.


At least one IMG structure exists. IMG structures are created with the transaction SIMGH. For further information, see Create IMG Structure.



       1.      Enter the transaction s_img_extension in the command field.

       2.      Select the IMG structure which you want to enhance, in the favorites.

       3.      Choose an existing ID from the enhancement ID possible entries help, by positioning the cursor on an ID and choosing Select, or create a new ID with Create enhancement ID.

       4.      Choose Enhance structure.

The IMG structure is displayed.

       5.      Position the cursor on the node below which you want to insert the structure enhancement.

       6.      Enter a new node as described in Create an IMG structure.

Ў        Save the IMG structure with Implementation guide ® Save.


The IMG structure is enhanced, without changing the structure in the original system. You cannot distinguish between a new node in the enhanced IMG structure and an original structure node.

If the company already has SAP System or Release update implementation project IMGs or project views, they must be regenerated after enhancing the IMG structure.

Regenerate any project IMGs or project views in the project management (SPRO_ADMIN). See Change project IMG.