Adjusting Repository Objects

Repository objects are adjusted using transaction SPAU. Only those objects that have been modified by you and are being redelivered by SAP in an upgrade/with the Support Package Queue are presented for adjustment. If the SAP objects that you have modified are not redelivered by SAP, these objects do not appear in the display.

During the import, the system automatically recognizes whether a modification adjustment is required. You are then prompted to perform the modification adjustment.

You must decide whether the objects contained in the adjustment list should retain your modifications or if they should be reset to original. This is mandatory and must be carried out for each object visible in the adjustment transaction. Otherwise, the new original stays active in your System. The objects continue to be displayed in SPAU as not adjusted.

The following sections contain additional information about the modification adjustment procedure in transaction SPAU.

Preparing to Run Transaction SPAU

General Functions in Transaction SPAU

Adjustment, Category with Modification Assistant

Adjustment, Category Without Modification Assistant

Please consult the following documentation if you are upgrading from Release 4.0B or less to a higher release ( 4.5A or greater) number for the first time: Upgrading from Release 4.5A or Less.