Registering an Object

Object registration takes place the first time an object is changed in your SAP system by a registered development user. If the same user changes the object again at a later time, you do not need to re-enter your key.

To register an object, proceed as follows:


       1.      Logon to SAP Support Portal.

If you do not have an user for SAP Support Portal, please contact an employee at your company who does. This person can register you in SAP Support Portal and will subsequently be logged as your initiator.

    2.      Choose Registration.

The screen for Registering Changes to SAP Objectsis displayed.

       3.      Choose Object to change from development user registration to object registration.

       4.      Select the appropriate checkbox if you are making advance corrections.

       5.      Enter the object type and the name of the object. This information is displayed in the Change and Transport Organizer any time you attempt to change an object.

The system displays a 20-digit key.

       6.      When the SAP system prompts you to enter this key, either enter the key manually or cut and paste it into the appropriate field.