Registering a Development User

Each development user must request a key, and is thus registered automatically. The system prompts development users for their key the first time they attempt to change one of the objects listed above.

To register yourself as a developer, proceed as follows:


       1.      Logon to the SAPNet - R/3 front-end.

If you do not have an user for the SAPNet front end, please contact an employee at your company who does. This person can register you in SAPNet front end and will subsequently be logged as your initiator.

    2.      Choose Registration.

The screen for Registering Changes to SAP Objects is displayed.

       3.      Enter the user name of the developer you want to register.

The system displays a 20-digit key.

       4.      When the SAP System prompts you to enter this key, either enter the key manually or cut and paste it into the appropriate field.

The SSCR is also available in SAPNet - Web Front End. Expand the SAPNet adress with /SSCR .