When Are Objects Registered?

Registration Takes Place When:

  • An SAP source is changed
  • Manual changes are made to ABAP Dictionary elements
  • Code from SAP notes is included

Validity Period of the Registration

  • Developer registration

Once a developer has been registered, the corresponding key is saved locally and accessed automatically during future changes. These keys remain valid indefinitely, even across release updates and upgrades.

  • Object registration

Objects are registered according to release. Registered objects’ keys become invalid after a release upgrade.

How to Deal with Modifications at Upgrade

Registered objects’ keys become invalid after a release upgrade.

To copy modifications into the new release, use the SAP Patch Manager (transaction SPAM). No new object keys are necessary.

If you have to modify objects again after a successful upgrade, you must request a new key for each object you want to alter in the current release.

Registration Does Not Take Place for

  • Database indexes
  • Buffer settings
  • Customer objects (objects not lying within the SAP namespace).
  • Objects changed due to automatic generation (for example, from Customizing)
  • Customer development implemented using exits

Use the following procedure when configuring database indexes and buffer settings to prevent the system from prompting you to enter a key:

1. Enter the name of the object you want to configure on the initial screen of the ABAP Dictionary. Choose Display and then Goto ® Technical settings or Indexes on the next screen.

2. Choose Change from the application toolbar.

The system only requires key entry if change mode is selected directly.

Automatic Registration

If SAP provides you with code for solving a problem in your system (for example, in the form of a note) the objects in question will be registered automatically. You will receive the necessary keys together with the note.

Registering Modifications to SAP Objects

If you modify any SAP objects subject to registration, the system prompts you for the required key in a dialog box. Enter the SSCR key in the dialog box.