Transporting Add-on Projects

To take advantage of exits in the SAP System, you must create an add-on project. This project contains at least one SAP enhancement package and all of the user exits assigned to this package. Your add-on project also encompasses all add-on functions you create and attach to the exit "hooks".

When you first create an add-on project, you must assign the project to a change task. You also need to assign all of your add-on components (include programs, subscreens, and menu texts) a change task number. If your project is spread out over more than one change task, you should assign these tasks to the same change request.

Once you have completed your project, release your change tasks. As a final step, release the change request that contains all the change tasks for your project. The system will export your add-on project and coordinate its import into a either a consolidation system or productive system. Check to make sure that your add-on project is active in this system.