Creating an Add-On Project

To take advantage of the customer exits available in standard applications, you need to create an add-on project. This project lets you organize the enhancement packages and exits you want to use. The add-on project also allows you to attach additional functions onto the exit hooks contained in SAP enhancements.

Managing an Add-On Project

An add-on project contains a series of exits and additions – for example, menu entries or function modules - that you develop and attach to the exits. To create an add-on project from within the ABAP Workbench menu, choose Utilities ® Enhancements ® Project management.

Before you begin creating a project, you need to decide which application, application component, or specific standard application you would like to add your project to. Give your project a name that indicates the type of functions it contains and that shows which transactions are affected. It may be useful to agree upon a company-wide naming convention for enhancement projects.

There are two factors you need to keep in mind when you create an add-on project. First, you can assign an SAP enhancement package and the customer exits it contains to one project only. The same SAP enhancement may not appear in two separate customer projects.

Second, you must activate your add-on project so that your additions (menu entries, screen fields, and so on) appear in standard applications. When you activate a project, all of the additions created within this project are activated as well. For this reason, you should ensure that the user exits you include in your project contain functions that can be activated simultaneously. It is not possible to activate exits individually.

After you have specified the name of your new project, proceed as follows:


       1.      Choose Create.

       2.      Describe the project by providing a short descriptive text.

       3.      Choose Save.

The system then prompts you to assign a task. This assignment allows you to transport the project and its components into a productive system once you have completed the project.

       4.      Specify which SAP enhancement packages you want to include in your project by choosing SAP enhancements.

       5.      Enter the names of these SAP enhancements in the spaces provided.

You should choose enhancement packages that logically belong together. For example, if you are planning to use several enhancements that deal with Materials Management modules, you can include all of these enhancements in the same project. If you are working on enhancements that deal with different applications, or if the enhancements are not logically related, you should include these enhancements in separate projects.

Once you have identified the SAP enhancements you want to include in your project, you can begin adding your own functions to the exits offered in the enhancements. To display the individual components of the SAP enhancements, return to the initial screen Project Management of the application and choose Enhancement Components. The system shows all exits of the enhancement assigned to your project.