Locating Applications that Have Exits

You can only take advantage of exits if SAP has added them to one of its standard applications. For this reason, you need to know how to locate the exits available in the SAP System. SAP organizes its exits in packages are called SAP enhancements. Each SAP enhancement can contain many individual exits.

Choose Utilities ® Enhancements ® Project management from the ABAP Workbench menu. From here, choose Utilities ® SAP enhancements to call a selection screen that lets you look for the exits available in standard applications. If you do not know the name of a specific enhancement package, you can search for enhancements by development class. To list all enhancements in the entire system, choose the Execute function without specifying any selection criteria.

The system displays a list of all enhancement packages. From within this list, you can display the documentation for each enhancement. You can also display a list of each enhancement’s different exit types. One enhancement package, for example, might contain several menu exits and function module exits, and a single screen exit.

Searching in the Application Hierarchy

You can also use the Application Hierarchy to search for exits that are available for a particular application area. You can access the application hierarchy by choosing ABAP Workbench ® Overview ® Application hierarchy

The SAP Application Hierarchy lists all of the standard SAP applications and their component parts. You can use the hierarchy with the Repository Information System to locate exits available for specific applications or programs. To locate the exits associated with Materials Management, for example, proceed as follows:

  1. Place the cursor on the Materials Management branch of the Application Hierarchy tree and choose Sel./desel. sub-tree.

    The system marks the application area.

  2. Choose Repository Infosys.

    The system lets you search for any objects assigned to a particular application.

  3. Expand the Environment sub-tree in the Repository Information System.
  4. Expand the Exit Techniques sub-tree. Choose either Enhancements or Projects for specific customer exit by double-clicking.

    The system offers a selection screen that allows you to narrow down your search. You can leave the fields on this screen empty.

  5. Choose Execute.

The system will retrieve all the enhancements assigned the category you marked in the Application Hierarchy.

To display the individual exits that each enhancement package contains, select the enhancement and choose the Display icon. You can also double-click on any enhancement in the list to go to the transaction that SAP uses to manage its enhancements.