Type (Behavior at Upgrade, Transport)

Add-on (no transport possible)

Description of Function

  • You can insert default values in fields
  • You can hide fields and groups of fields
  • You can move fields
  • You can add and change texts
  • You can add input help
  • You can add new screen elements like checkboxes, pushbuttons, graphics, or documentation
  • You can customize tables
  • You can change field labels on a system-wide basis

GuiXT scripts can also be integrated into transaction variants. Further information can be found under GuiXT in Transaction Variants and Screen Variants


GuiXT scripts are language-dependent. If adjusted transactions are used in several languages, you must recreate your GuiXT scripts for each language.

Range (Validity)

Throughout the entire system or user-specific on your PC

Further Information

You can find more information about GuiXT at, in the GuiXT section and in SAPNet by adding the alias GuiXT to the address.


GuiXT is available as of Release 4.0 at no additional cost. Starting with Release 4.6B, GuiXT has been integrated into the SAP GUI and is delivered in the standard system.