Transaction Variants and Screen Variants

Type (Behavior at Upgrade, Transport)


Description of Function

Transaction variants simplify transaction flow by:

  • Inserting default values in fields
  • Changing the ready for input status of fields
  • Hiding various screen elements and menu functions, or even entire screens
  • Adjusting table control settings

When you create a transaction variant, you run through the transaction in a special mode. In this mode, you decide which elements you no longer need in your transaction and which values should be inserted where. If you choose to hide an entire screen, the system will no longer display that screen in the transaction and will proceed on to the next screen in the series. You can also adjust table control settings and determine the width of columns and the order in which you want them displayed. In tabstrips, you can suppress tabs that you no longer need by setting them to invisible.

You may also create as many variants for a transaction as you desire. One of these variants can be defined as a standard variant. This variant is then valid across all clients. You may also assign different variants to specific users.

This is done using variant transactions. Variant transactions are then placed in those users’ user menus instead of the standard transaction.


May not be used with selection screens

Range (Validity)

Transactions, both client-dependent and cross-client

Access in the System

Tools ® Accelerated SAP ® Personalization (transaction SHD0)

Further Information

More information on creating transaction variants can be found under Transaction Variants and Screen Variants