Selection Variants

Type (Behavior at Upgrade, Transport)


Description of Function

When you start a program for which selection screens have been defined, the system offers you input fields for database-specific and report-specific selections. To select a certain set of data, you have to enter appropriate values.

If you start a program regularly with identical selections, for example, to create monthly sales statistics, you certainly will not want to enter the same values for the selection criteria over and over again. You can therefore combine the values for all selection criteria in a selection set referred to as a variant.

You can use selection variants to provide default values for selection criteria. You can change the ready for input status of fields, or hide entire fields.


May only be used with selection screens

Range (Validity)

Selection variants can be client-dependent or cross-client

Access in the System

Accessed from a report’s selection screen by choosing System ® Services ® Reporting (SA38)

Further Information

Further information on creating selection variants can be found in the section Maintaining Variants in the online documentation under BC - Basis Components ® ABAP Workbench: Tools.