Displaying and Using Versions

Version Management

Version management allows you to compare two versions of a Repository object, and also to display old versions.

You call version management in the maintenance transaction of the respective object by choosing Utilities ® Version Management.

Alternatively, you can call version management from the Transport Organizer (transaction SE09).

  • On the initial screen:

Choose Environment ® Version management. The system displays an overview of the versionable objects. You can display the individual object types and specifically search for single objects.

  • On the request overview:

Place your cursor on an object in the object list of a task or request and then choose Versions from the Object menu.

The format in which the content is shown is object-specific and similar to normal object maintenance and display so that you can easily identify the object content versioned.

Version Overview

The version overview distinguishes between the versions in the development database (Repository) and the historical versions saved in the version database. Both sections can also be empty. This may be the case:

  • When a new object was defined and no versions have been created yet
  • When an object was deleted after versions have been created

The development database contains the active and/or the revised version.

The version overview also displays the date and time when the version was created and the corresponding release.

If a transport request is specified for a version in the version database, then this version corresponds to the status of the object:

  • When a request is released and this request is from the current SAP System


  • After a request is imported and this request is from a different SAP System

If a request is specified for the active or revised version, then the object is currently being processed in the context of this request or it was imported using this request.

The Cat column in the version overview indicates under which circumstances the version was created. The following values are possible:



" "

Version was created when the request was released.


Version was created as a result of an import (status after import).


Version was created as a result of a system request (for example, as a backup copy before the object was added to a correction or repair).


Version was created as a result of a user request (as a temporary version) at no particular time.
When the request is released, these versions are deleted and replaced with a " " version.

The flags in the version overview are shown in the Fla column. They can have the following values:



" "

No specific flag available.


The last version created is not identical with the active version because the active version was overwritten by an import.

You can use the following functions in the version overview:

  • Display a version selected
  • Compare two versions selected
  • Retrieve a version selected
    This function requires that you have change authorization for the relevant Repository object.
  • Remote comparison with object versions residing in another SAP System

The presentation interface you see when displaying or comparing versions is object-specific.