Adjusting Function Modules

The system automatically adopts the following:

·        Modules created by customers

·        Parameters added by customers, as long as they do not conflict with any existing parameters

·        Process types that have modified by customers, as long as they are compatible with their modules’ parameters

The system offers you support during the adjustment process if:

·        A new parameter in the original has the same name as a modified parameter

·        The reference type of a parameter has changed in the original

The customer can choose pushbuttons in a dialog box to determine if the modifications are to be adopted or not.

If changes to the contents of an original function module are not compatible with a customer’s modifications, see Modifications in Programs.

If problems still exist after adjustments have been made, a dialog box appears asking you to refer to the adjustment log for additional information. Unresolved problems can occur during process type modification if, for example, a function module is designated as “updateable” and export parameters have to be deleted.