Adjustment Category: With Modification Assistant

Objects modified in the category With Modification Assistant are adjusted either automatically or in the individual ABAP Workbench tools, using either the relevant dialog boxes or the splitscreen editor. In rare cases, you may have to maintain adjustment objects manually.

Test all the objects. Even those objects modified automatically can cause unforeseen errors when subsequently used in an area different from where they were modified (for example, when modifying global data).

Automatic Adjustment

A green traffic light icon next to a Repository object in the adjustment list means that this object’s modifications can be adopted automatically. Clicking on the icon causes the system to automatically adjust the object.

To automatically adjust multiple objects, place your cursor on a subtree and choose Select subtree. Now click on one of the traffic light icons for the selected objects or choose the menu option Modifications ®  Adjust modifications. After you have chosen a change request, a dialog box appears confirming that the system has adopted the customer modifications. The objects are subsequently marked with the Object adjusted symbol.

Semi-Automatic Adjustment

The yellow stoplight stands for semi-automatic adjustment. When you click on a yellow traffic light (if a change request has already been entered), you either branch to the splitscreen editor or, in other ABAP Workbench tools, a dialog box appears asking you to correct any collisions that have occurred. In rare cases, you may have to maintain adjustment objects manually. Choose Display log to display a log of unresolved problems.

Examples of semi-automatic adjustment can be found in the following sections:

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Use transaction SPDD to adjust modifications to ABAP Dictionary objects.