Reset to Original

The function Reset to original is supported for almost all objects in the Modification Browser and in the modification adjustment. Exceptions are Business Add-Ins (Impl.) and Appends. These are customer enhancements that can be reset only within the appropriate tools.

The original version of the object is the version that was imported into the SAP System during the last upgrade or import of a Support Package. It must not necessarily be an object of the SAP Standard. It can also be an object created or modified by an IBU or an SAP partner that is displayed in the Modification Browser (transaction SE95). The customer or SAP partner can modify these objects further.

You can select several objects or a subtree to be Reset to original, or you can position the cursor on a single object.

For Modifications the Reset to original behavior depends on whether the object was edited in the Modification Assistant or not, and whether it has been adjusted in transaction SPAU.

Modifications With the Modification Assistant

If the object has not been adjusted in transaction SPAU, a traffic light appears in front of the object. In the Modification Browser these objects are highlighted. When using Reset to original the active version on the database is confirmed as the new original version. The object remains unchanged. Only the modification data is deleted. When using Modification adjustment the version imported in the last upgrade or Support Package is saved in the modification logs as original. In addition, there are the modifications from the adjustment. The Modification Browser (transaction SE95) gives an overview of these modifications.

If the object has been adjusted, in SPAU either a green checkmark or a stop sign appears in front of the object. If an adjusted object is reset to original, the active version is replaced by the original version saved in the modification logs. The modifications made using the Modification Assistant are lost when you Reset to original.

You can use Reset to original in the category With Modification Assistant also for objects that are contained in note corrections.

Already adjusted data elements cannot be reset to the original version. Edit the data element in the ABAP Dictionary to restore the desired status. You can make use of the version administration to do this.

Modifications Without Modification Assistant, Translations, Migration Objects

If the object appears in the tree in one of the categories Without Modification Assistant, Translations or Migration Objects, always the active version becomes the original version when you use Reset to original. The modification log is deleted, independent of whether the object has been adjusted or not. The object itself remains unchanged. If the object has been adjusted, the user gets a warning message. Unlike with objects supported by the Modification Assistant, the original version no longer exists. The modified active version is confirmed as original version.

Modification Adjustment With Later Upgrade or Support Package

After Reset to original the objects are removed from the tree display of the Modification Browser (transaction SE95) and of the modification adjustment transaction (transaction SPAU). At a later upgrade or when importing a Support Package they can be overwritten by new original version and will not appear in the modification adjustment transaction any more.

Transport Request for Reset to Original

To Reset to original, the system requires you to enter a transport request. The transport request is necessary to ensure that the modification information for an object is available throughout the entire transport process of the customer. However, this means also that an object that was reset to original must be transported into all subsequent systems. In the case of a consolidation transport (transport type K) or a transport of copies (transport type T), the information is included that the object has not been modified. After an object has been reset to original, it is treated as an unmodified object during the next Support Package or upgrade although it is contained in a request. The object is overwritten without a backup of the old version and no longer appears in transaction SPAU for adjustment.