Switching the Modification Assistant Off / On

When you change Repository objects, the ABAP Workbench offers the Switch off assistant function in the Edit ® Modification operations menu.

You can explicitly assign the authorization to switch off the Modification Assistant. Refer to the documentation on the authorization object ABAP Workbench (S_DEVELOP).

Switching Off the Modification Assistant

SAP recommends that you leave the Modification Assistant switched on. It is true that you might need a little more time to edit the object, but the modification adjustment process is simplified. You have an overview of the modifications you made and can easily reset the object to original.

If you switch off the Modification Assistent for testing purposes, you should create a temporary version in advance. You can then retrieve this version before releasing the request.

When you switch off the Modification Assistant, the system issues a warning message.

This message tells you that switching off the Modification Assistant for the respective object allows you to perform functions of the tool which, however, should not be necessary normally. You will not be able to benefit from Modification Assistant support. This means the following:

  • The modification overview indicates that changes were made but does not give any details.
  • No support will be available for upgrade adjustments. Modifications will have to be made using version management.

The modification logs are based on the original version imported with the last upgrade or Support Package. They record the differences between the original version and the modified version of the object. When you switch off the Assistant, this information about the differences is lost.

Consequently, you cannot simply switch the Modification Assistant on again without loosing modification information. Therefore switch off the Assistant in urgent cases only.

Experience has shown that developers and system administrators usually want to revert to the Modification Assistant once they have switched it off. In development projects, it is important to ensure the consistent handling of all objects during modification adjustment.

Switching On the Modification Assistant

Consider the following points:

  • Reset to original

Before you reset an object to original, you should always create a temporary version. The object for which you switched off the Modification Assistant can be reset to original. All further processing is then again supported by the Modification Assistant.

The changes made to the original must be re-entered manually. The version comparison in version management displays the modifications made in a separate session.

  • Retrieve versions

Using version management, you can retrieve an older version of the object which was supported by the Modification Assistant, provided certain conditions are fulfilled.

Versions created during or before the last import must not be retrieved. Since the modification logs are not saved completely, inconsistencies and data losses would occur during the next Support Package import or the next upgrade. Set the objects to original and enter the changes manually.

  • Upgrade or Support Package

If the object is imported during an upgrade or the import of a Support Package, an original version is again available.

If the new original imported and the old version modified are identical, you can reset the object to original.

If the old version modified differs from the new original, you must enter your modifications manually. To do this, use version management. Although the Modification Assistant does not support the adoption of the modifications, it controls the editing process.