Modifications in the Menu Painter

Menu enhancements can also be made in the Modification Assistant. Menu entries, pushbuttons, icons, and so on, can be both added and deleted. All changes made to the standard are highlighted in color.

The following is an example of how modifications are made in the Menu Painter using the Modification Assisitant.

Assume that you want to add a new function to a program’s menu bar. In addition, you want to alter a menu bar entry that already exists.

In order to change an original object in the Menu Painter, select the object and choose the Change sub-object pushbutton to make the field ready for input.

If you want to add a new entry to a menu bar, you can also use the Insert entry function to create a new entry. Here you can either create a new menu or refer to a pre-existing one (F4). New menu creation takes place in the same way as in the ‘normal’ editor mode.

All modified sub-objects are highlighted in color.

Consult Utilities ® Help texts ® Color legend for a more comprehensive explanation of how colors are used in modification mode.

Whenever you want to add a menu to a menu bar, the new entry is highlighted in color. However, if the new entry is an original menu, then it will not be highlighted at all.

In our example, the pre-existing menu entry Exit in the Flight data menu is going to be assigned a different function type. Double-clicking on the entry produces the following dialog box:

All changeable fields are ready for input after the corresponding pushbutton has been chosen (Change sub-object).

Now, the new function Edit should appear in the application toolbar. First, assign the function code to an F-key. Place your cursor on the short description of the function key setting and choose Change sub-object. All non-assigned function keys are now ready for input. Make your entry. For the application toolbar entry use Insert entry.

Use Cut to remove entries from sub-objects. Whenever you remove an original entry from a menu, it is highlighted in color.

In addition to the Change sub-object function, several other functions are available to you in modification mode in the Menu Painter.

Choose Overview for an overview of the modifications made.

You can display the original version of any object selected by using the Display original function (for example, a menu bar, a menu, a function text, or even the original version of the entire status).

Reset to original allows you to reset all objects that have been modified by a customer back to their original form. For further information, see Resetting to the Original.