Transport to Different Systems

Cross-client transaction and screen variants are independent objects that are assigned to a package and are automatically linked to the Change and Transport Organizer.

When you save a transaction variant that you have created, the system asks you to assign a package to the transaction variant proper and also to each of the associated (new) screen variants. If you choose a transportable package, you must also enter a transport request.

The entries of the request are:

    • For a transaction variant

R3TR STVI <name of transaction variant>,

    • For a screen variant

R3TR SCVI <name of screen variant>.

Caution: The entry "R3TR STVI <name of transaction variant>" is only used to transport the transaction variant itself, that is:

    • The properties
    • The short text
    • The assignment to the screen variants

The screen variants are not transported. For each screen variant you want to transport, you must create a separate "R3TR SCVI <name of screen variant>" entry.

When you change a transaction variant (with processing), the system prompts you for each screen variant assigned to add it to a transport request. This is because the system can no longer determine which screen variants actually have been changed at the time you save the transaction variant. If you only change the assignment of the screen variant to the transaction variant, the system only requires a transport request for the transaction variant because the screen variants themselves are not modified in this case.

Client-specific transaction variants are not automatically linked to the Change and Transport Organizer. They can be transported manually using the Transport function.

When you call the Transport function, a dialog box is displayed where you must enter a transport request. The variant you specified on the initial screen is then automatically entered in this transport request. The variant name can also be specified generically. All variants that match this generic name are then included in the transport request.

As with cross-client transaction variants, the associated screen variants are not transported.

Transport into Different Clients

Transaction variants may be client-specific. You can copy a client-specific variant from another client using the function Client copy in variant maintenance.

Enter the name of the transaction and the variant on the initial variant maintenance screen and select the function Client copy. The system displays a dialog box where you can enter the following:

  • The target client (If the variant is to be copied into all available clients, choose All clients)
  • Whether or not existing variants with the same name should be overwritten in the target client (Deselect Overwrite in target client if this is the case).

Choosing Continue copies the variant.