The Modification Browser

An overview of all modifications and enhancements found in your system can be displayed from the ABAP Workbench choosing the function Overview ® Modification Browser (SE95). You can also display an overview from the Repository Browser using Environment ® Modification Browser.

The following selection screen appears, where you can input selections that limit what the Modification Browser outputs:

Standard selections can be made on the upper half of the selection screen by entering the person who last changed the object, the number of a transport request or the package. If you enter the number of a transport request into the field Last transport request, the system displays only those objects of the request which were not modified in requests created at a later date. If you insert the request number in the field Request/Task, the system displays all modified objects of the object list.

You can use the Note Assistant to import notes into your system and apply the correction instructions contained therein. In the Modification Browser, you can expand a subtree below each note which contains the objects involved in the note correction.

Standard objects that are supported by the Modification Assistant during modification or upgrade can be displayed using the With Modification Assistant checkbox. All other objects are listed under the Without Modification Assistant category. This category also contains all objects that were modified in the current SAP System before the Modification Assistant was introduced.

Business Add-Ins provide you with an overview of all enhancements and modifications undertaken in your system. Further information on this way to create enhancements can be found in the section on Business Add-Ins.

Appends can be append structures, append views or append search helps.

As on the Display Options tab, you can restrict the display of objects modified or reset using specific criteria on the Reset Objects tab.

Once you have made your selections, the system takes you to the Modification Browser overview.

The Color key pushbutton displays a list of what certain highlighting colors mean within the Modification Browser.

Modifications to programs that cannot be assigned to a modularization unit (for example additional fields or comment lines preceding a subroutine) are displayed in the node External modularization units.

You can branch directly to ABAP Workbench tools from the Modification Browser display by placing your cursor on a specific object and choosing Display or Change.

Changes cannot be made to objects currently being adjusted.

You can also undo modifications from the Modification Browser by placing your cursor on a specific object and choosing Reset to original. Further information can be found in the section Resetting to the Original.

The Reset to original function can also be used with objects that were modified without the help of the Modification Assistant. Using this function causes the object to be deleted from the modification overview. If no original is available for the object, it is now treated as an SAP original (modifications may, however, be lost during upgrade).

If new complete objects (programs, function groups, and so on) are created, the corresponding transport object is added to the transport request. If function modules are deleted or view maintenance modules are generated, the associated function group is added to the transport request. In these cases, the Created/Generated node in the Modification Browser is displayed below the associated complete object.

Objects that have yet to be adjusted also show up in the Modification Browser and are highlighted in color. The objects displayed are compared during an upgrade or when a support package is imported in transaction SPAU by choosing Utilities ® Maintenance ® Upgrade utilities ® Program compare. Read the following sections for more information.