Defining Default Values for Input Fields




SET/GET Parameters

Choose Tools ® Administration ® User maintenance (SU01) to set parameter IDs on the Parameters tab.

Application developers must use the Screen Painter to set the attributes Set Parameter and Get Parameter for all input fields for which you want to define default values.

Transaction Variants and Screen Variants

When creating the transaction variant, you enter the desired values and adopt them by selecting the With contents checkbox.

May only be used with dialog transactions

Selection Variants

Enter the default values in the corresponding fields when you set up the selection variant.

May only be used with selection screens


You can use default [input field] "value" to set a default value if the screen is empty when displayed.


Combinations of the Methods Listed Above

The following rules apply when combining the functions listed above:

  • Transaction variants and SET/GET parameters:

Default values from transaction or screen variants are given priority if the variant hides a field or revokes its ready for input status. These values also have priority if SET parameter is used to set an initial default value (SPACE, for example). As far as fields are concerned that are ready for input, however, default values of SET parameters have priority since these may be based on user entries, for example.

  • Selection variants and SET/GET parameters:

Default values from selection variants always have priority as long as they are not initial.

With initial values, you can select Switch off SET parameter/GET parameter during variant maintenance. This inserts the initial value from the variant, otherwise SET parameter values retain priority.

  • GuiXT combined with other functions:

Default values are only set using GuiXT if the field in question has an initial value. This is true regardless of whether the value has been set using a transaction, SET/GET parameters, or a variant.