Personalizing the Application

The following sections describe how you can simplify the SAP user interface to meet the work requirements of specific users or user groups. Application personalization can often be undertaken using simple methods (outside the ABAP Workbench). Modifications to the standard are usually not necessary. Modifications are only mentioned if they do not create a lot of extra work at upgrade, or if they are unavoidable.

In the following, this documentation provides various example tasks from the working world. Each example introduces the tools used to adjust the SAP user interface to the desired task and discusses the restrictions you need to pay attention to when using these utilities. The documentation then goes on to discuss the rules that apply when you combine certain functions.

The following examples are designed to give you an overview of the various Personalization possibilities available. Each section contains helpful references to additional literature within the SAP System.

Hiding Screen Elements

Hiding Screens

Moving Screen Elements

Defining Default Values

Canceling the ’ready-for-input-status’ for Fields

Adjusting Table Controls

Adjusting TabStrips

Simplifying Selection Screens

Personalizing the Input Help

Changing Field Texts

Including Graphics and Texts

Including Pushbuttons for regularly used Functions

Displaying Input Options for Fields

User-specific Simplification of Screens