Modifications in Class Builder


You use the Modification Assistant to modify delivered classes and interfaces and transaction SPAU to adjust them during upgrade or import of a Support Package.

You can modify classes and interfaces as follows:

  • Add attributes, methods, events, and internal types

You cannot enter types directly in the modification mode for attributes and internal types.

  • Modify components of a class or interface





visibility, kind (static, instance-dependent, constant), type, initial value, read-only flag

kind (static, instance-dependent, constant), type, initial value, read-only flag


visibility, kind (static, instance-dependent), final, abstract

kind (static, instance-dependent)


visibility, kind (static, instance-dependent)

kind (static, instance-dependent)


visibility, type


  • Modify the signature of original components
      • add parameters
      • add exceptions
      • modify original parameters (kind, way of transfer, type, default value, optional flag)

For classes, you can add interface implementations, friends, and aliases as well as redefine methods in the subclass. You can reset the Final option for a class in order to allow creation of subclasses.


  1. In the Class Builder select the class or interface you want to modify.
  2. Choose Change. Make your modifications or add components.

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