Hiding Screens





Using GuiXT, you add further input fields to the initial screen of the transaction or to a menu screen. To do this, you use the InputField ... command. You add a pushbutton to start processing the entire transaction. In a special InputScript, you define how values are entered on all subsequent screens (which are not displayed) and how users navigate within the transaction. The Input Assistant internally processes these screens and supplies them with the input values. Even if error messages are issued, users remain on the screen you designed and can correct their entries there.

Field and value help are not supported for self-defined fields. However, you can use the Input Assistant to provide similar functions.

Note that you need the Input Assistant to combine or hide screens. The Input Assistant is not part of the SAP standard delivery and must be obtained separately from Synactive GmbH.

Transaction variants and screen variants

By selecting the Do not display screen indicator, you can hide one or more screens in transaction variants.

You cannot hide fields in various screens and subsequently consolidate these screens into a single new screen.

Parameter transactions

All input fields of the first screen must be filled with values. You create parameter transactions by choosing Development ® Other Tools ® Transactions.

You can only hide the initial screen of the transaction.