Adjusting Classes and Interfaces

You can use a pushbutton to transfer modifications to classes and interfaces during upgrade or import of a Support Package. If SAP made modifications to classes and interfaces that overlap with those of customers, SAP provides adjustment support.

Automatic Adjustment (Green Traffic Light)

During an upgrade or when importing a Support Package, attributes, methods and events added by the customer can be adjusted automatically. It is also possible to automatically adjust internal types, interfaces, and redefinitions of classes, provided that their names do not collide with those of newly delivered SAP components.

Semi-Automatic Adjustment (Yellow Traffic Light)

Semi-Automatic adjustment allows you to decide on a dialog window whether you want to retain or delete the modifications you made.

A semi-automatic adjustment is offered if:

  • SAP added attributes, methods, events, and so on, to a class or an interface that have the same names as components added by the customer.
  • the customer modified delivered attributes, methods, events, or parameters of methods and events.

Manual Adjustment (Red Traffic Light)

You may need to perform a manual adjustment if the customer modified components of a class that SAP deleted in the new version of the class. For example, a customer adds a parameter to a method and SAP deletes the methode. In such a case, the upgrade log contains the relevant entry.